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Enemy of the Kingdom


There's a trend in Nollywood where a movie could have multiple titles, and if you do not do your homework, you may watch the end before the beginning, or worse, watch the middle of the movie.

Let's take "Enemy of Peace" as an example. For those who are not aware, this movie has 8 parts, all with very different titles. And, be sure to know which one comes first. They are as follows: (A) Enemy of the Kingdom,  parts 1&2; (B) Enemy of Peace, parts 1&2; (C) Exit of the King, parts 1&2; and lastly, (D) Royal Transition, parts 1&2.

The movie is set up as an Epic Saga, and is quite entertaining, but be sure to get them in the order in which they were produced or you'll be totally confused!




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Written by Kofi Fillmore Apeadu — June 17, 2012


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